Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

Principal's Welcome

“I’m honoured to lead our community as we continually develop in our students a passion for learning and a heart for service to others. 

There’s a sense of community and fellowship at BTAC that goes well beyond the classroom and the playground. Our students develop a heart for service to others from their first day on campus.

Our College is a place where our students celebrate diversity and engage with all members of our community. It’s a place where every student is welcome and where our families feel safe and happy in an engaging and exciting teaching and learning environment.

All students at our college are challenged to strive for academic excellence and to reach their highest academic potential.

We deliver an innovative and engaging K-12 curriculum that embraces the Learning Power Approach by renowned educationalist Guy Claxton. Every student’s individual gifts and talents are nurtured and encouraged by our exceptional teachers.

Our core values of faith, respect, the pursuit of excellence, collaboration, and opportunity permeate the college in all aspects of daily life.

We have a deeply held respect for the individual and the pursuit of personal excellence – in our learning, on the sporting field, through our service activities and co-curricular programs.

We support our students to be all they can be and provide an environment where nobody is left behind.  

Mr Paul Humble
BA, Grad Dip Ed, MA, M Ed, EdD (candidate), MACE, MACEL

We focus on the development of the whole person within a caring, Christian environment and intentionally create opportunities for everyone to learn, lead and serve.

A passion and drive for global inter-connectedness is at the core of our teaching and learning. As is a desire for our young people to embrace the multitude of opportunities available to them around the globe to combat any insular, divisive, and biased perceptions that can so easily breed due to ignorance. 

A globally-focused education is empowering and transformative in terms of the way in which our students view the world. 

We embrace and celebrate diversity, encouraging and empowering our students’ understanding of difference and providing opportunities for them to become active global participants, passionately and unreservedly. 

Kindness is a key focus, and this goes beyond the type of behaviour we expect from all members of our community. All relationships – students, parents and staff are based on positive engagement.

We partner with our community to work collaboratively and communicatively through any challenges to reach beneficial outcomes.  We instil in our students the gifts of helpfulness, generosity, consideration, and love.

We provide extensive opportunities for young people to develop a love of learning, a heart for service and a desire to lead within their local community. We partner with our students on a journey of scholarship, grace, and self-development.

I look forward to speaking with you about your child’s education here at our college.”

Mr Paul Humble

College Principal