Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

From community volunteering to team adventures

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) can be a life-changing experience that helps students make new friends, discover new interests and find their place in the global community. It’s also a recognised mark of achievement and is respected by future employers.

The program is available for Senior School students (Years 9-12) and has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. To complete it, each student must learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in the community and experience a team adventure in a new environment.

More than 130 countries have adopted the DofE program, with over 8 million young people having participated worldwide. In Australia, over 775,000 young people have participated in the past 58 years.

Bronze, Silver and Gold

The DofE award’s bronze, silver and gold levels get progressively more challenging. Each has four sections: physical recreation, skills, voluntary service and adventurous journey. The Gold award also includes a Gold Residential Project.

Ideal timeline for achieving each level:

  • Bronze – Year 9
  • Silver – Year 10
  • Gold – Year 11 and Year 12


Achieving an award recognises individual goal-setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement. All participants are supported by a network within and outside the college.

Award Fundamentals

Positive Outcomes for Students

Duke of Ed Coordination

The Duke of Edinburgh at BTAC is led and coordinated by Mr Joel Cruickshank.

The team includes: 

  • Mrs Natalie McWilliam
  • Ms Lani Grey
  • Mrs Megan Russell

Please note: The Duke of Edinburgh at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is fully inclusive with no social, political or religious affiliations.