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Pre - School

Capturing child’s play, theory and ‘voice’

We offer children the opportunity to complete their entire educational journey with us. The early years are an exciting time of discovery and learning, and our approach acknowledges each child’s need to experiment as they become confident, independent learners.

Our program at Bishop Tyrrell Preschool is ever-evolving and provides a space where we can capture children’s play, theories and ‘voice’. It’s also a place where we can analyse their learning and development and reflect on our intentions, understanding and future possibilities.  

We aim to support all children to be healthy, happy and active contributors as they explore God’s amazing creation; to share and communicate, take risks, be challenged, discover, and learn.

Preschool overview

Our days flow to the rhythm of our children. Our children, families and educators bring valuable knowledge and capabilities to our environment, contributing to the richness of our Preschool.

Engaging spaces – inside and out

Our physical environment is designed so children can move freely between spaces. The indoor play spaces accommodate creative arts, STEM,  construction, and inspire imaginations. The outdoor space is natural, with endless opportunities for play.

We value open-ended materials or ‘loose parts’. You’ll find these in our play spaces to engage our children's hands and minds. Literacy and numeracy are embedded in the children’s everyday experiences, as we know this is the most valuable way to engage in these concepts.

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A place with empowering values

Our environment is a community. We value relationships, children’s play, engagement, autonomy and independence, because we know these create incredible thinkers who feel empowered and competent.

Part of our college community

We’re blessed to have access to the wider BTAC Community and believe that regular interactions through visits to Chapel, Music, Library, PE and Art lessons enrich the experiences for all and make the transition to Kindergarten something to look forward to.

Visits from community and service organisations enrich the children’s experiences and understanding of community.

FAQs – Preschool

Explore some of the most common Preschool questions parents ask.

Bishop Tyrrell Preschool accepts enrolments for children ages 3 to 5. Priority is given to children 4 years of age in the year before schooling.

Our Preschool is open to children Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, during college terms. We’re not open during the school holidays.

Children may attend either 2 or 3 days per week.

  • 2-day positions – Monday/ Tuesday or Thursday/Friday
  • 3-day positions – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of preschool educators work alongside the college teachers to provide a smooth transition to Kindergarten here at BTAC

Yes, we do. Please visit our OOSH and vacation care page to learn more.

Yes, children attending the preschool are required to be either vaccinated or on a vaccination catch-up schedule provided by their Doctor or Health Nurse to be able to attend the Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College Preschool.

Alternatively, they need to be registered on the Australian Immunisation Registrar (AIR) if they can’t be immunised for medical reasons.

Children need to be registered on the AIR not only for entry into the preschool, but to receive fee relief on the ‘Affordable Preschool’ 2023 funding program.


As a community Preschool, we follow the NSW Government Childcare and Preschool Entry & Immunisation Program.

Which can be found at:

Department of Education and Communities 

·        Department of Education and Communities 

·        National Quality Framework 

·        Department of Education & Training 


·        Family Assistance 

·        Community Childcare 

·        My Child 

·        Raising Children 

Health & Wellbeing 

·        The Strength Switch 

·        Good for Kids, Good for Life 

·        Staying Healthy in Childcare 

·        SIDS and Kids 

·        Diabetics 

·        Anaphylaxis Australia 

·        Asthma Australia 


·        Playgroup Australia 

Explore the next learning stages

Learn more about our Junior and Senior School here at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College – the perfect next steps in your child’s educational and life journey.