Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

Guiding Principles

Building a powerful repertoire and mindset

At Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, our approach to teaching and learning is based on ‘The Learning Power Approach’. The main aim of this approach is to develop all students as confident and capable learners, both inside and outside of school.

 As a College, we seek to embody this philosophy through the careful cultivation of learner attributes that empower students. These attributes are curiosity, attention, determination, imagination, thinking, socialising, reflection and organising.

Our guiding principles underpin our school’s philosophy and guide the development of our learning program and college culture.

The Learning Power Approach

Developed by Guy Claxton, this approach is about helping students become mind-fit for life by teaching them to teach themselves. At the heart of the Learning Power Approach lies our commitment to:

As students move through each stage of learning, they’ll find that different skills are emphasized and built on, resulting in accumulating a powerful repertoire and mindset by the time they graduate.

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Explore our vision and values

Our guiding principles inform our vison and values, and vice versa. While our vision keeps us all moving in the right strategic direction, our values are what we believe in and stand for – they guide us every day.