Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

Junior School

Equipping each student with the tools to learn & grow.

With a loving heart and a big smile, we welcome your child into our Junior School. Many wonderful opportunities await when they join our inclusive community that receives learners and supports students to follow their passions and develop their special interests.

Each is cared for as an individual. Our teachers help them to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Our learning experiences are diverse and interesting, and our program provides a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Our Junior School students benefit from a dedicated classroom teacher who can support their educational and personal needs.

Junior School overview

Our Junior School curriculum covers the key learning areas set out by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA).  We also offer a range of initiatives for learning and individual growth.

Curriculum covering key learning areas

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Digital Technologies
  • HSIE: Human Society in its Environment (Geography, History)
  • PDHPE: Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Christian Studies
  • Creative Arts
  • STEM with a specialist teacher

Initiatives for learning and individual growth

  • A weekly STEM lesson with a specialist teacher where students have an opportunity to expand their problem-solving and critical thinking
  • A Co-curricular Program where students engage in activities once a week, allowing them to explore and further develop their special interests in a variety of different areas
  • Leadership opportunities for Year 4 students
  • Mentoring program for Kindergarten, where they are paired with Year 5 students and engage with them on a weekly basis
  • Opportunities outside the classroom, including performing arts and sports, both individual and representative teams, and various academic team opportunities, including debating, Tournament of Minds and the da Vinci Decathlon

We give every student the opportunity to excel in what they love. You’re joining a community where your children are valued and cared for and have every chance to thrive throughout the journey as we prepare them for their high school years and beyond.

Co-curricular Program

We have a desire to support students to find their purpose in life. And we strengthen this process by providing them with the opportunity to explore and develop their own special interests with our unique co-curricular program.

The program is integrated into the timetable so students can explore activities, both on and off campus, supported by our passionate staff who share the students’ special interests. Where possible, external tutors are also employed to deepen passions.

Junior School Academics

We implement the curriculum set out by NSW’s Education Standards Authority, covering all the key learning areas.

FAQs – Junior School

Our Junior School takes enrolments for children in Kindergarten up to Year 4.

New enrolments can be taken mid-year, mid-term or at the beginning of each term so long as places are available.

Yes, we do. Please visit our OOSH and vacation care page to learn more.

We’re committed to offering a program that respects and reflects the diversity of cultures and people God created. Our Christian foundation underpins our values and permeates the education, love and care provided to each child and family.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of Junior School teachers work alongside the Middle & Senior School teachers to provide a smooth transition first to Middle School in Year 5 and then onto Senior School in Year 9. Throughout the Junior School journey, students will spend time in and working with both the Middle & Senior School students allowing them to be completely comfortable once they reach the next major milestones of their educational journey.

Children from Year 2 at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College will bring a device to school.

Please see our BYOMD program for more information.

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