BYOD Program

Bishop Tyrrell is a BYOD school from Years 2-12, with different technologies for our Younger and Older students.

BYOD Years 2-4

Students in Years 2 to 4 are required to bring an iPad to class to further enhance learning activities and drive a richer classroom experience. While classroom teachers will email parents directly - the requirements are as follows:

  • A Current Generation Apple iPad of 32GB or more is required. Students have found that using an iPad Mini, or an iPad several generations old can inhibit their ability to properly download and use apps that are required in the classroom.
  • A Sturdy Case is required to protect the device from any potential damage and to allow students to easily recognise their device.
  • Use of Microsoft Intune is required in order for IT Services to automatically push apps and settings to student iPads. This is done by downloading the Company Portal from the App Store, and signing in with the student's email address and password. For more information about Intune, please refer to the 'What is Intune?' intro.
BYOD Years 5-12

The College BYOD program has given students the tools and ability to enhance their learning and to bring confidence to students who will encounter more integration with ICT throughout their careers. Subject textbooks are now delivered electronically, and much of the curriculum content is made available through CALEB. It is essential that students have a device which meets or exceeds the specifications outlined here in order to take full advantage of learning activities. Please note that Apple iPads and Google Chromebooks do not meet these specifications and cannot be used in Secondary classes.

Students are reminded to check the Software Downloads area to ensure that they have the most up-to-date applications available. Currently, students receive complimentary access to Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, full versions of Windows 10 and many other Microsoft titles and development tools.

Purchasing a new device

Parents can purchase an iPad, PC or Macbook from the reseller of their choice - a number of which often have sales in the lead up to 'Back to School' and other holidays.

JB Hi-Fi Education is our preferred method of purchasing devices. Parents can customise the device with accessories and insurance; and choose to collect from a local store or have it delivered to their home. 

Visit: and enter the School Code: BishopBYOD to get started.

Purchasing Yourself 

Should you wish to purchase a device from your preferred retailer, we are happy to support this. However, please note that the package outlined above has minimum requirements in order to function properly. Please ensure that any device you purchase meets or (preferably) exceeds the following specifications:

Minimum Recommended
Intel Core i3
Intel Core i5 / Quad Core
Memory (RAM)
Hard Disk Capacity
Screen Size
Hard Disk Type
Solid State Drive
5GHz 802.11n or WiFi 6+
Battery Life
Minimum of 6 hours

Please note that when purchasing a new device for your child, the College highly recommends considering options regarding insurance. Devices may be covered under a home contents policy, or parents may choose to purchase a specific Accidental Loss & Damage policy on the device itself from the retailer of your choice. In line with most other schools, the College cannot accept any responsibility for devices damaged or stolen whilst on campus or in transit.

If you require any additional information about these specifications, or have a technical question – please contact our IT Services team on 4979 8417 or

Important Information

IT Support is available for students to troubleshoot their devices, however, students are responsible for the backup and protection of their data in line with the Acceptable Use Policy.

All students must use either Windows 10 or macOS, which has been updated at least in the past 12 months to the most current version.

Software access remains available while an enrolment is current. Should an enrolment not continue, access to Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud will be discontinued.

Microsoft Intune allows IT Services to push out settings and updated apps automatically, and may be required in some year levels.

The Acceptable Use Policy applies to BYO devices. By installing the software and continuing its use and/or using the College Network, the student and parent both agree to its terms and requirements.