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Principal’s Welcome

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College - Fletcher, Newcastle, Williamtown

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College inspires students to learn, lead and serve in a caring, Christian environment.

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is a learning community where academic rigour, personal integrity, humour and hard work are equally encouraged. We are a co-educational school with a culture of high expectations. At the same time, we are devoted to helping our children develop genuine intellectual, physical, spiritual, artistic and personal interests and aspirations. Our strong emphasis on leadership preparation, constructive service and personal fulfilment combine to challenge and inspire our children to reach new levels of inquiry, understanding and achievement.

A deeper and richer childhood for our children is the Tyrrellian way. In our teaching we aim to be ‘inspirational’, engaging children in their learning, engaging with children as they learn.

Creating that inspiration in every child is paramount to life at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College. We achieve this through:

  • A challenging curriculum that provides rich opportunities for every child to discover their unique strengths.
  • Passionate teachers who are devoted to developing their art and their understanding of how children learn best.
  • A deep care for our children's childhood in school.

That deep care acts as the cornerstone of the quality in our educational standards.

We aim for the highest attainment but we set ourselves higher goals, as there is so much more to a childhood, and a life. As we watch our children grow, what is it that we wish for them? To be:

  • Safe
  • Loved
  • Happy
  • To get the best from life.

And when we imagine their future lives, what is it that we think our children will need most in their world?

It is a complex world. A world full of information. Our children will need more than ever to discriminate, to think for themselves. It will be a world full of challenge and change in which they will need to question and be unafraid. But it will remain a world rich with beauty built on the friendships and families and communities we make together.