At Bishop Tyrrell, we offer children the opportunity to complete their entire education journey on the one campus by starting with Preschool.

Our children, our families and our educators bring valuable knowledge and capabilities to our environment, contributing to the richness of 'Our Preschool'.

The early years are an exciting period of discovery and learning and our approach acknowledges each child’s need to experiment as they become self-confident, independent learners. Our program is always evolving and it provides a space where we can capture our children’s play, theories and ‘voice’. It provides a space where we can analyse children’s learning and development , a space for us to reflect on our intentions, our understanding and future possibilities.

We aim to support all children to be healthy, happy and active contributors as they are keen to explore God’s amazing creation, to share and communicate, to take risks, be challenged, discover, and learn.

Our environment is a community. We value relationships, children’s play, engagement, autonomy and independence. We value children’s creativity, imagination and theories because we know that this creates incredible thinkers who feel empowered and competent. Our physical environment is designed so that children can move freely amongst spaces. Our indoor spaces for play are natural and include creative arts, STEM , construction, cognitive and imaginary play. Our outdoor space is intentionally natural with endless opportunities for play in physical, creative and imaginative ways.

We value open-ended materials or ‘loose parts’. You will find open-ended materials in our play space as to engage the hands and the minds of our children. Literacy and numeracy are embedded in the children’s everyday experiences, as we know that this is the most valuable way to engage in these concepts.

Our days flow to the rhythm of the children, including families and community. Visits from community and service organisations enrich the children’s experiences and understanding of community.

By looking closely, you will see children relating to others in their own community within our Preschool environment...This is Our Belonging.

By looking closely, you will see children engaged... This is Our Being.

By looking closely, you will see where children have been and where they are going... This is Our Becoming!

We are blessed to have access to the wider College community and believe that regular interactions through visits to chapel, music, library, PE and art lessons will enrich the experiences for all, and make the transition to kindergarten something to look forward to. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of Preschool educators work alongside the College teachers to provide a smooth transition to Kindergarten at the College or to local schools.

We are committed to offering a program that respects and reflects the diversity of cultures and people that God has created. Our Christian foundation underpins our values and permeates the education, love and care that are provided to each individual child and family.


Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm during College term times, plus an additional week at the end of the College academic year.

Age & Attendance

Children aged 3 to 5 years are eligible to enrol, with priority given to children 4 years of age in the year prior to schooling.

Children may attend either two or three days per week, with the possibility of 5 day positions on application.

2 day positions - Monday/ Tuesday  or Thursday/Friday

3 day positions Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday/Friday


Preschool fees are charged at: 

$55 per day for funded 4-5 year old

$63 per day for funded 3 year old

$27 per day for equity funded 3-5 year old (Capped at 2 days per week) 

Preschool Fees are calculated on the number of days per week of enrolment. Fees for Preschool are charged on a Term basis and are payable on the same schedule as other College fees. Related charges do not apply to Preschool students. An annual Preschool Equipment Fee of $55 per child is charged at the beginning of the year or upon commencement.

For more information about our fees please visit our Fees page.

Preschool Handbook

For more information about what to expect (what to wear, what to bring etc.) please download our Preschool Handbook. (Login Required - Speak with Preschool Staff to gain access)

Useful Links for Families

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