School Fees for 2022.

At Bishop Tyrrell, annual tuition fees for students in Preschool to Year 11 are billed over four instalments. Year 12 tuition fees are billed in three instalments. 

Tuition fees do not include co-curricular activities or instrument hire. The Resource Activity Levy (RAL) includes all camps, excursions and incursions for Kindergarten to Year 12 for all compulsory subjects.

Primary and Secondary Fees 

Annual Tuition Annual Resource Activity Levy Total Annual Education Fee
Kindergarten - Year 2
Year 3 - 6
Year 7 - 8
Year 9 - 10
Year 11 - 12

Pricing Policy: All of our prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST (Goods and services tax) as of 1st January 2022. Enrolment fees are regularly updated when fee changes occur.

Preschool Fees 

$55 per day for funded 4-5 year old
$63 per day for non-funded 3 year old
$27 per day for equity funded 3-5 year old

Please Note - There is an expectation that Preschool students attend for a minimum of two days.

Preschool Fees are calculated on the number of days per week of enrolment. They are charged on a Term basis and are payable on the same schedule as other College fees. Related charges do not apply to Preschool students. An annual Preschool Equipment Fee of $55 per child is charged at the beginning of the year or upon commencement.

Family Concessions

First child – full fee
Second child – 20% discount
Third child – 35% discount
Fourth (and subsequent) child – 90% discount

Please note, family concessions do not apply to Preschool fees. Concessions commence when the youngest child starts Kindergarten.