IT Services

We're passionate about bringing technology to the classroom.

Over the coming months, we'll update this page with information on our BYOD program. For now though, we're including some links to help students (and parents) get their devices set-up and connected to the College Network.

Connecting to Microsoft Intune

If you're new to the College, have a new device, or just need to connect up for the first time - here's the place. To begin, tap the kind of device that you're connecting. You'll need to have your Bishop Tyrrell Email Address and Password ready. If you've got any questions, please get in touch with IT Services.

Mac Users - Double-click on the Company Portal.pkg file which downloads, and follow the instructions.

Windows Users - Click on 'Connect' in the screen that appears, and follow the instructions.

iPad Users - Install the App, then open it and follow the instructions.