Principal's Blog - Transitioning to high school Year 7, 2022

This week we held the first out of several Transition Day events planned for Year 6, 2021 going into Year 7 in 2022. For a Year 7 student being the eldest amongst your peers in primary school with familiar surroundings, and people you have known for years is comfortable. However, like starting a new job, going into secondary school, Year 7 can feel like starting all over again which even the most curious and brave find daunting.

At Bishop Tyrrell, we know successful transition into a new learning community is vital to the development of students’ self-esteem and academic self-competence.

For Year 6, to help minimise nerves created by the great unknown that secondary presents our Year 7 Transition Days involve a series of 1-day events over the year designed for Year 6 to experience high school or a ‘day in the life of a high schooler’. This enables our students to gradually transition into secondary through short 1-day visits providing the opportunity to reflect on their time and expectations. They get to meet new friends from high school and coming from other schools, different teachers, and experience an adolescent environment buzzing with new adventures.

This week’s first day started out with a hearty BBQ breakfast followed by regular periods in a variety of subjects including a contemporary art class involving the creation of pop art, a collaborative team boat building project in the new STEM lab, they got to share their interests in music and enjoyed playing the school’s new drum kit on stage alongside Mr. Ross on the electric guitar, did a chemistry experiment, and played sport alongside their new older peers.

Our school’s Transition Program also recognises parents’ will go through a transition with experiencing different learning communities between primary and secondary school, and the consequences of a loss of familiarity with teachers, so we also have a Zoom information evening planned in the full Transition Day program link.

We hope your child enjoyed their first test run of high school. Each student is impacted differently, some more, or less and in different ways, but our community must remember they are all feeling vulnerable at this time.

As we approach the school holidays we wish all of our families a restful time after a busy term and look forward to seeing bright young faces on Tuesday 13 July ready to Seize the Day once more!

Suzanne Bain