Learn, Lead, Serve: Our College Culture of Excellence

At Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, our philosophy involves the nurturing of the whole child. This means our focus is not simply on secular education alone, but on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each student. This has allowed us to continually produce graduates who are not only scholastic achievers, they are young people of outstanding character, ready to positively contribute to their community and the world. A Bishop Tyrrell education is a gift for life!

Our motto is to ‘Seize the Day’, and we encourage our students to do this by giving them opportunities to learn, lead and serve. This empowers them throughout their schooling and the ongoing adventure of life.


Our school recognises the importance of student engagement, challenge and access to active learning opportunities. We educate our students for both the known and prepare them for the complexities of the unknown that may present themselves in the future.

We also understand that we live in a world where team work and cooperation are required in all aspects of life. For this reason, learning opportunities at Bishop Tyrrell include regular interaction and teamwork with others.

Classroom experiences are also personalised and shaped in response to an individual’s stage of development. We actively promote and strengthen connection, engagement and motivation in learning. We find that this approach helps to develop a student’s sense of abilities, accomplishments and self-worth.

At Bishop Tyrrell, we believe in a learning environment that is warm, caring, well-managed and disciplined. We have open communication between school and home, and work in close partnership with the parents of our students.  


Bishop Tyrrell recognises the skill of leadership as an asset for life. It is our vision that students will learn, lead and serve in the community. A good leader is one who has a good heart, good values and priorities.

Leadership involves the ability to motivate, influence and direct other people to work towards a common goal. To achieve this, leaders build relationships with team members, and help the team to define and accomplish their tasks.

We believe it is in the best interest of society, for all community members to be capable of exercising leadership in some form. We know that the more leadership is encouraged, the more it flourishes. Our college inspires our students to lead and development leadership skill by example. At all times, our teachers and staff reflect quality leadership to our students through employing the highest standards of loyalty, service and integrity.

Our students are given frequent opportunities to learn and grow as leaders in different situations and capacities. We love watching them grow in confidence and mature as future leaders.


Central to the concept of leadership is service. Part of our ethos is to always try to meet the needs of others. Albert Schweitzer once said, “the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”

Our College recognises that what we gain from service is genuine satisfaction, giving our lives meaning and purpose. Helping others grants deeper perspective and substance. We want our students to know how it feels to make the lives of others better through their acts of service.

At Bishop Tyrrell, we actively encourage the students to have a servant heart, and to look for daily opportunities to help their peers. An attitude of service helps to establish the fond sense of community that we share.

Our core values of Learn, Lead and Serve form a foundation for excellence in education. We see our students regularly achieving amazing results at school, in sports and arts, and in life. If you would like to know more about our culture and philosophy, and how our values can help your child, please contact us on (02) 4979 8484.