Student Leadership for 2022

All Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College students have the opportunity to learn to be leaders through both classroom and co-curricular activities. On Friday,  29th October we held an Investiture Service to officially appoint Year 12 leaders for 2022.

Our newly appointed Prefects pledged to uphold the school’s values and traditions and to be exemplary role models. Those appointed were encouraged to be servant leaders in the community. 

Principal Ms. Suzanne Bain addressed the students at the Service. "The privilege of wearing the College Badge comes with the expectation that our Prefects will use servant leadership as the basis of their duties," said Ms. Bain. "It's an awesome responsibility. Yet, it’s a responsibility expected of us at Bishop Tyrrell. The best way to take on this awesome responsibility is to think of yourself as a servant, helping and supporting students and teachers in your role. Whenever you come across a situation you think does not sound right you might stop to think, "how would Jesus do this?” What would Jesus say in this situation? You’ve heard many stories about the deeds used by Jesus as he challenges people to be their best selves," she said.

Bishop Tyrrell's new Chaplain the Reverend Jacqueline Weston thanked the new leaders for courageously accepting the vocation of leadership, and noted the ways in which the new leaders were already supporting one another with encouraging smiles at the Investiture Service.

"The great thing is, our leaders don’t need to do this job alone. Each of our leaders has different gifts and they will work together in caring for our college community. Our new leaders will have the support of their fellow students and their teachers, and the blessing of God to guide them in this responsibility," said Reverend Weston. 

Ms. Bain closed the Service acknowledging that with leadership comes the expectation that you will always be a strong role model. "You need to know that every minute of the day, people are watching you. On the bus, at the canteen, in class, after school, on social media, and your behaviour needs to be exemplary to show the way, helping the younger students, the middle school children, and students in your year – ask for advice, if you are unsure.  So leaders, always be kind, be generous and inclusive, be supportive of one another as an exemplary role model, and always present yourself in the best light," said Ms. Bain.


College Captains:

Nyssa D & Megan W

College House Captains:

Currey /Evie S

Darcy / Talia R

Fletcher / Ella P

Thomas / (Nyssa D)

College Prefects:

Christian Ministry / (Megan W)

Creative Arts / Khiera B

Service / Imogen L

Social Justice / Eli ML-P

Sport / Nathaniel K

Student Representative Council / Paris J