People essential ingredient to ed tech success at Bishop Tyrrell

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is leading the way in developing a growth mindset for education technology.

Over the last 18 months, student information on daily learning activities, academic performance data, both internal and external, and pastoral care surrounding student well-being have been captured electronically on personalised dashboards.

Now, with a single click on the recently rolled out learning analytics suite, students can monitor their academic performance, establish goals, monitor progress and assess their emotional well-being.

In essence, the dashboards provide a data-driven online snapshot of the student and are designed to further support Bishop Tyrrell's overall goal of nurturing self-motivated and lifelong learners.

The dashboards have been accessible to students and teachers for over a year, and from this week on, parents will be able to sign on too.

"As any close observer of post-secondary teaching and learning knows, technology by itself does not yield the greatest impact on learning," Ms Tania Lloyd, Deputy Principal at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, said.

"It does so when it is embedded in a scaffolding of support for students, teachers, and parents."

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, online learning was already part of school life at Bishop Tyrrell.

All set work was posted to the Collaboration and Learning Environment at Bishop Tyrrell (CALEB).

Events such as 2020's a virtual art exhibition for parents, staff development days on Zoom with 73 participants, and student groups collaborating on their 'Deep Learning 'Global Citizens of the Future Projects' were all examples of Bishop Tyrrell extending learning beyond the classroom.

Photo: Mr Tim Gardiner, IT Manager at Bishop Tyrrell.

"Implementing new Learning Analytics technology to develop a clear picture of the whole student was strategically aligned with our vision," IT Manager at Bishop Tyrrell Mr Tim Gardiner said.

"Thankfully, with key online learning activities already requisite much of the data was available to integrate. For this reason, our teaching community was able to explore the new student dashboards early in the rollout.

"Students then gained access to their learner profiles earlier this year and have been completing weekly online goal setting and wellbeing surveys to complete data capture on the whole student.

"This week, parents' will be introduced to the dashboards with single sign-on."

The new dashboards add additional layers of personalisation and reflective practice to the school's online learning experience and help students with their individual journey to become life-long learners.

"Our learning community is excited about this new capability supporting our future growth in online learning by making data an integral part of planning, designing, and assessing learning experiences," Ms Lloyd said.

As part of the ongoing drive to establish a data-driven culture, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is also one of the first schools in the Hunter to deploy TrackOne Studio.

TrackOne Studio Learning Analytics Dashboards

The technology is designed to support all aspects of decision-making in schools.

"We're bringing our education technology ecosystem together to create a clear picture that allows consistent analysis of student, cohort, and school performance data to spur further curriculum innovation and pedagogical change, prompt proactive academic or wellbeing intervention, and optimise learning outcomes for students," Ms Lloyd.

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