HSC Results

Congratulations to Year 12 Students 2020

Notable BTAC Year 12 students achieved stellar HSC results for 2020, ending a challenging year with their talents recognised. 

In the Honour Roll of Band 6 students (students who gained a mark of 90 or more in a 2U course, or 45 or more in a 1U course) the College had 9 mentions from 7 students out of 28 HSC courses studied at the School. 

Congratulations also to the students in Extension 2 Mathematics, where another 4 students scored Notional Band 6’s and where all 10 students achieved Notional Band 5s or 6s in this course. Some of these Extension 2 Mathematics students also achieved Band 6 results in Extension 1 Mathematics in 2019.

Deputy Principal Tania Lloyd said, "Our students certainly have a lot to celebrate with the highest number of early entry offers into university that the School has ever seen. Of the 30 students who applied for Early Entry to University, all have received university offers for their first preference courses." 

Principal Suzanne Bain noted, "2020 was the first year students wondered if there would even be a HSC, but showed amazing resilience. Teachers and students adapted well to online learning which will stand them in good stead for future tertiary study and work. Their success also came from being committed to supporting one another in teamwork and personal wellbeing, both exemplary tributes to our core values at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College."

Whether they are planning to go to university, start working, take on an apprenticeship or take a local gap year, all of our students should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved.

Congrats Year 12 2020!