Our Ethos

Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation Schools:

Educate for life in all its fullness.
NASC Schools recognise that God the Holy Trinity creates, redeems and makes holy. We recognise that God created all that exists, redeems us through Jesus Christ and changes our lives. As Trinity, God is unity in diversity. In NASC schools we aim to reflect this reality by nurturing the individual within community. 

Consequently, NASC Schools:

Proclaim the gospel in words and actions, creating an environment in which young people (staff and families) have an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Jesus said that he has come so that we may have “life in all its fullness” (John 10.10). The experience of sharing in the life of a Christian community is a part of educating for life in all its fullness.

Celebrate their Anglican character by building relationships with the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, its local Anglican Parishes and with the other Anglican schools within the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation and other Anglican Schools across Australia.

Nurture a high respect for intellectual endeavour
NASC Schools cultivate intellectual qualities such as curiosity, questioning, intellectual rigour, hard work and openness to ideas. A growth mindset is nourished and all students are recognised as capable of improving their learning. A Christian Religious Studies curriculum is part of the educational landscape of the school and is built on the Anglican respect for Scripture, Tradition and Reason. 

Appreciate diversity
NASC Schools recognise that every person is created in the image of God. Therefore, NASC Schools welcome families from all backgrounds and helps students to build respectful relationships with one another. Students will experience the school as a safe place to explore their identity, vocation and purpose.

Are committed to tradition and dignity within school life
NASC Schools use the richness of symbol, story and ceremony to promote their values and order their lives. These will be evident in chapel services and the sacramental life of the school. Christian story, symbols and ceremonies will also be a part of the major formal school events, as well as in various elements of the day-to-day life of the school.

Cultivate wellbeing for all in their school community
Life in all its fullness implies personal wellbeing. Anglican Schools provide an environment in which individuals can flourish under God’s grace as they contribute to building a healthy school community. A NASC school strives to cultivate a strong sense of belonging to its community. 

Serve its community
In response to Jesus’ call to love God and love our neighbour Anglican schools nurture an ethic of service and a commitment to social justice. As stewards of God’s creation we also encourage respect for our natural environment. Education for these qualities occurs within the curriculum and is demonstrated in active service, pursuing peace and reconciliation and striving to safeguard the integrity of creation.