We provide flexibility for working families by having before and after school care available at the College. 

We recognise the need to support parents in their efforts to balance work and family. Bishop Tyrrell offers before school care, after school care and vacation care programs for students in Preschool to Year 7. The Centre is located on-campus for convenience and accessibility.

At Bishop Tyrrell OOSH, we aim to provide a fun, supportive and inclusive environment where children can play, explore, be creative and use their imaginations. Children also learn to socialise with others of all primary school ages, supported by our friendly staff, and develop friendships across many year groups. Our hope is that OOSH is a place where we can all learn, grow and develop together. We wish for OOSH to be more than a place to come, it's a home away from home and an extended family.

The service is registered with the Australian Government. Eligible families are able to claim the Child Care Subsidy which is paid directly to the service, offering reduced fees. 

When is OOSH open?

Before School Care 6.30am-8.30am
After School Care 3pm – 6pm
Vacation Care 7am -6pm

How much does OOSH cost?
Before School Care: Permanent= $15, Casual= $17
After School Care: Permanent= $12, Casual= $14
Vacation Care: Incentre= $57, Incursions= $66

Kindergarten to Year 6 
Before School Care: Permanent $17, Casual $18
After School Care: Permanent $23. Casual $26
Vacation Care: In Centre $57. Excursion/ Incursion $66

Vacation Care

The Vacation Care Program is released two weeks prior to each holiday period via the College Bulletin or is available on request at the Centre.

Children starting Kindergarten are eligible to attend Vacation Care in the January school holidays prior to their commencement at school. This is a great opportunity for new children to become familiar with the College environment and socialise with other children who will be attending the school.

In 2021 we are launching our Preschool OOSH, a Vacation Care program will be run in January for our Bishop Tyrrell preschool students.

Please contact:

EMAIL: oosh@btac.nsw.edu.au           PHONE: 02 4979 8482
MOBILE: 0437 511 395

We invite families who are considering our after hours service to visit us and see the Centre in action.

What happens at OOSH

OOSH is like a “choose your own adventure”. We have programmed activities (including homework club) each day and the children can move between these or choose to do something on their own, or with their group of friends. They can play sport, create art, dance, play in our home corner, draw, watch movies, read books, play board games, play with Barbie, build and create with Lego…the list is endless.  

OOSH and Nutrition

Breakfast is provided from 6.30am-8am. We have toast and cereal options for breakfast. 

Afternoon Snack is provided every afternoon as the children arrive from school. We have fruit platters and a variety of snacks such as Nachos, Pasta, Sao biscuits, Sushi Bowls, Yoghurt & Muesli, and lots more.

During Vacation Care, families are asked to pack morning tea and lunches, and we continue to provide breakfast and afternoon snacks unless noted on the vacation care program.

Arrival & Leaving

When leaving Before School Care, OOSH staff will check that a College teacher is on duty in the playground. Once there is a teacher on duty, children are able to go play and prepare for the school day. In Term 1, Kindies are walked to their playground/classroom areas. 

At the end of the school day, After School Care children will come to OOSH or will meet an OOSH Educator at the OOSH meeting point where all children are signed in and accounted for. For after school care in Term 1, OOSH staff will collect the Kindies from the class meeting point.

Enrolling at OOSH

To enrol, contact our friendly OOSH staff via email: oosh@btac.nsw.edu.au

Children can be enrolled permanently or just on a casual basis. Casual basis OOSH requires no permanent ongoing booking. 

When the need for a casual booking arises, you can email, call or SMS the service to book in for a casual visit (subject to available spaces) up until 2.30pm on any particular day.