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Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College - Fletcher, Newcastle, Williamtown

At Bishop Tyrrell, our values-based education program is focussed on the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of each student. We believe that what students learn outside the classroom is just as important as the academic curriculum.

For this reason, we offer a number of opportunities for our students to participate in outreach and immersion experiences throughout the world. These tours are beneficial to the personal development of students but also have significant impact on the communities visited.

Global Learning Framework

Three types of tours will be on offer from the College

a. Tours

Trips, normally during holiday periods, associated with a particular disciplinary, cultural or sporting endeavour. A tour such as a USA Maths and Science Tour will provide students with a rare insight into every pinnacle of human achievement.

Dates: TBC
Details: Science and Mathematics tour including a focus on technology, natural wonders and space camp

Dates: TBC
Details: History, language, performing creative arts tour including the Florence Youth Orchestra Festival

b. Short term study Schools

Usually 2-3 weeks at time at one of the world’s greatest Universities.

The University of Oxford
Dates: June-July (3 weeks)
Details: University of Oxford Summer School
Options: Variety of academic courses of which students must choose three.

c. Global learning experience

These are extended, transcultural, immersive experiences organised around the advanced autonomous learning pedagogy. Students spend a minimum of 4 weeks in a supervised, transcultural setting, working both alone and in a team on projects, or alternatively up to a year in an exchange program with another partner school elsewhere in the world. For Year 10 students, this experience may effectively coopt their Term 4, resulting in a capstone ‘thesis’ and (in many cases) credit towards their undergraduate study once they matriculate. These programs are in development with hope to launch in 2018.


Students need to have demonstrated the ability to engage with the academics requirements of the programs described, as well as have an unblemished behavioural record. Courses will be challenging by design, require self-discipline, and the concern to maintain the College’s reputation whilst abroad.