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Care and Wellbeing Program Framework

This comprehensive framework focuses on meeting the needs of each child and nurturing their growth and development within a secure and caring environment. The Care and Wellbeing programs contribute to a warm, healthy and stimulating climate where each child can feel connected, happy and have a sense of their own abilities and achievements. The Directors of Primary and Secondary work together with Care and Wellbeing staff to oversee a whole-school approach to care that links learning and wellbeing. Key staff, including Heads of House, Tutors, Teachers, the College Counsellor and Chaplain, work hard to establish a nurturing and supportive environment, which builds resilience and better prepares students for learning.

The comprehensive and proactive Care and Wellbeing system incorporates:

  • A nurturing classroom environment which promotes respect, tolerance and an open-ended atmosphere of enquiry.
  • A sequenced Tutor program providing a developmental series of sessions on respect, rights and responsibilities; assertive communication modes; problem-solving techniques; healthy lifestyle elements; leadership training skills; and discussion of important ethical, moral and societal issues.
  • The opportunity for regular contact between the Tutor and the students in their care.
  • Systematic teaching of conflict resolution and mediation methods as the appropriate means of resolving / respecting differences.
  • Timetabled Chapel and Christian Studies sessions, furthering the value of Christianity, which underpins all aspects of College living and learning.
  • The implementation of peer interaction schemes, such as peer support.
  • Student leadership systems including the Prefect body, House Vice-Captains, Peer Leaders and a wide range of leadership positions in academic, sporting, and co-curricular areas.

Skilled counselling and advocacy are available to all students in need. In the first instance Class teachers or Tutors will provide support to members of their class or Tutor Group. Students requiring more specialised support may be referred on to the Deputy Directors, Head of House, College Chaplain or Counsellor. The Code of Responsible Behaviour is implemented to both reward positive behaviours while developing a system of consequences for behaviours not meeting requirements.