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Overseas Students

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College - Fletcher, Newcastle, Williamtown

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College welcomes Overseas Students and offers many opportunities for enriching cultural and learning experiences. The College (CRICOS Provider No: 03329F) has a limited number of places available to overseas students. An applicant must provide substantial evidence of proficiency in the English language. Overseas Students applying must sit an English Proficiency test. The preferred option is to test through Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). Details of the test, how to register and a list of test centres around the world are available at www.aeas.com.au. The applicant is required to submit the AEAS results with their Application for Enrolment form.

Please note that the College does not have a Home Stay program and does not undertake guardianship of Overseas Students.

Overseas students must complete the Application for Enrolment Form.

Please see our Overseas Student Handbook.

For further assistance with the enrolment process please contact Mrs Lara Ockerby the College Registrar.

For information about studying in Australia, we recommend the following websites:

As a CRICOS provider, the College abides by ESOS Framework Guidelines.

Overseas Student Fees

Tuition fees for Kindergarten to Year 12 will be issued via invoice in Australian dollars. Fees must be paid annually in advance before the commencement of the enrolment/school term. Tuition fees do not include co-curricular activities or instrument hire. The annual Resource Activity Levy (RAL) for each year is outlined below and covers all compulsory camps, excursions and incursions for Kindergarten to Year 12 for all compulsory subjects.

Annual TUITION Fee Resource Activity levy
Kindergarten to Year 2 $16,977.00 $684.00
Year 3 to 6 $17,333.00 $1,104.00
Year 7 to 8 $18,693.00 $1,436.00
Year 9 to 10 $18,745.00 $1,436.00
Year 11 to 12 $19,672.00 $1,436.00

Course Fees

These fees can be used as a guide to estimate the total fees for each course. The totals below include all College application and enrolment fees, an estimated uniform requirement and the approximate Tuition and RAL for each year of the course (based on the 2017 fees and charges).

Primary Course Years K-6* $117,789 Approximate Total for 7 Years Study (Code: 0077122J)
Junior Secondary Course Years 7-10* $75,601 Approximate Total for 4 Years Study (Code: 0077123G)
Senior Secondary Course Year 11-12* $40,411 Approximate Total for 2 Years Study (Code: 0077124G)