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Why academic excellence is more than exam results

090117-academic-excellence-3374-300x200pxBishop Tyrrell Anglican College is committed to a vision that focuses on the broad education and development of fine students who will learn, lead and serve in the community.

In 2016, our students celebrated some outstanding HSC results. Overall, the College’s student success rate improved by 167 percent from the previous year. This year’s cohort achieved 20 top band results across an array of subjects, affirming our position as one of the top 10 schools in the Hunter region. We congratulate each of our 54 graduating students on a wealth of accomplishments, including these noteworthy final results.

Additionally, Bailey Graham has further reason to celebrate as his Design and Technology Major Work was selected for inclusion in the SHAPE 2016 exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. This prestigious achievement is a first for the College and we are very proud of Bailey and his teacher, Mr Neale Graham. His work on wireless power shutdown for TAS classrooms inventively solves a real-world problem for teachers in practical lessons.

While these results are extremely pleasing, ultimately, we believe in empowering the quality of character and leadership that springs from the quality of one’s heart – our values, virtues, priorities and hopes. A quest for excellence in learning – both in the classroom and out – should always remain at the heart of our educational mission and practice.

While some students achieve outstanding academic results, others will excel in a wide range of areas throughout their schooling. Excellence in anything starts with a vision, a passion and a will. Skills and talent without a deep desire to be the best at what we do will never make one a champion or field leader.

Academic excellence is more than achieving top exam results. It’s an ability to master a commitment and dedication to learning and growing. To embrace knowledge and new experiences in everyday life and to apply this philosophy to an area of study.

At Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, excellence means:

  • achieving the highest, exemplary level of performance;
  • exceeding normal expectations of performance and meeting high expectations; and
  • setting a standard to be followed.

What does it mean to be academically excellent?

At the Higher School Certificate level, we talk about bands of achievement. Work of a Band 6 standard demonstrates thorough knowledge and ability to analyse material in a way that explicitly addresses the marking criteria. The standard of work of our foremost Year 12 scholars exhibit this. These are the academic skills we strive to teach at the College. Though success, in our eyes, goes beyond an examination score.

If we are to be successful in life, we believe in instilling students with the skills and moral values to:

  • adopt Godly values;
  • care for the interests of others;
  • live with integrity;
  • keep our word;
  • develop our gifts and potential;
  • manage time and money well; and
  • pass on to others what we have received.

We must not pursue our own ambitions at the expense of others, but instead join a community that aids one another in becoming excellent. We endeavour to produce right-heartedness, right-thinking and right action so that Bishop Tyrrell students may become strong, secure, humble and powerful individuals.

It is important to set goals, work hard and manage time well, but it’s not enough to do this on our own. Observation of our most successful scholars each year, allows us to recognise their commitment to each other as well as their determination to do well for themselves. We see the tangible evidence of their excellence, and the potential to grow further as they enter into adulthood.

Numerous strategies are employed by the College to ensure we create an environment where the maximum potential of each child is encouraged and supported. In 2017 we will continue to:

  • focus on student preparation, planning and P-12 developmental programming;
  • expand Internal Moderation and Classroom Observation Processes P-12;
  • improve the quality of student ‘feedback’ and ‘feed-forward’ information;
  • implement comprehensive and structured writing programs;
  • run seminars for Year 11 and 12 students on generic and subject specific skills;
  • continue to provide extra assistance to students outside of regular class time; and
  • build the self-confidence and work ethic of students.

At Bishop Tyrrell, staff are dedicated to preparing students not only for their external examinations, but for their life in the next phase of learning and work. For more information about how Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College empowers students to learn, lead and serve, sign up to our eNewsletter, News for life, here.