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Why we need to celebrate educational milestones

011216-why-we-need-to-celebrate-educational-milestones_300x200pxHelping students develop a success mindset has great rewards.

In a way, the old adage ‘success breeds success’ is true. There’s no doubt in our mind why we need to celebrate educational milestones.

When students are noticed and their successes are celebrated, they begin to see themselves as someone who is successful rather than as a person who is trying to become successful.

Just like elite sports people or academics, students learn to gain a belief in their own ability and will trust their instincts in pressure situations.

When children are acknowledged for their successes, they are more likely to be motivated to try hard to achieve their next goal. They will begin to desire to better their own personal best achievements and reach the next pinnacle on their trajectory. They’ll learn to make something that is good to become great.

Children also like to share their achievements with their peers. This can have a motivating effect on friends and siblings who will, in turn, seek to improve.

It feels good to celebrate something that you have worked hard for.

At Bishop Tyrrell, we celebrate successes through various means.

  1. Each class follows a reward system for positive behaviour.
  2. There is a whole school program based on merit certificates. This program increases in importance the more merit certificates a student receives.
  3. The certificates are presented at the Primary assemblies so students are acknowledged in front of their peers.
  4. Student names are placed in the Bulletin to acknowledge their dedicated and positive behaviour.
  5. Positive feedback is written in diaries back to parents.

It’s not just the School and families who share in a child’s success, the broader community relish the chance to acknowledge a child’s achievement. Just look at how the community came together to support and encourage our Year 12 student, Maddi Elliott at the Paralympics this year. Her achievements of three gold medals, two silver medals and two world records were outstanding … and the entire community shared Maddi’s joy.

Seeing a child rewarded for their hard work has a positive effect on the community, as everyone has the chance to celebrate together, which leads to a greater community spirit.

As we approach Speech Day, it is important to remember this and reflect on the educational milestones (great and small) that we have all achieved this year.

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