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Educational-based holiday activities for the family

051216-educational-based-holiday-activities-for-the-familyThe school holidays provide a great opportunity to bond as a family. Whether you stay at home or travel, there are many family activities you can try that are both entertaining and educational.

Activities based around science, art and maths can help build your child’s confidence and unlock their imagination.

Remember, it’s important to make activities age appropriate. Let’s explore some educational-based holiday activities for the family:

Early learning
The Clock - This activity helps young children recognise numbers on a clock and learn the basics of telling time on the hour.

  • On twelve sheets of paper write the numbers 1 to 12
  • Place the sheets of paper in a circle as they appear on a clock face
  • Ask your child to stand by the sheet of the number you call out
  • Call out time only by the hour.

Shape Hunt - Help your child recognise the basic shapes that are common in everyday objects.

  • Take four sheets of paper and draw one basic shape on each sheet
  • Write the name of the shape next to the drawing and offer your child some examples of what objects might be similar to that shape
  • Take your child on a hunt outside to see how many basic shapes they can find
  • When your child spots a shape, ask them to draw it on the appropriate page.

Early Primary School
Photo Frame - Bring out your child’s artistic side with a handmade photo frame.

  • Select a photo of the whole family
  • Cut a piece of cardboard slightly bigger than the photo
  • Ask your child to gather four twigs from the backyard
  • Cut the twigs to fit around the photo
  • Attach the photo to the cardboard and glue the twigs onto the cardboard backing.

Middle Primary School
Hot Air Balloon - This is a simple science activity you can do with your children to teach them the difference between hot and cold air.

  • Take an empty bottle and stretch a deflated balloon over the tip of the bottle
  • Heat some water in a pan. It should be hot, but not boiling
  • Place the bottle in the pan and watch the balloon expand
  • The balloon expands because warm air takes up more space than cold air.

Senior Primary School
Defy Gravity - This activity introduces your child to the concept of gravity.

  • Take a glass and fill it with water until it reaches the brim
  • Place a piece of cardboard carefully over the mouth of the glass and make sure there aren’t any air bubbles forming.
  • Hold the glass over the sink and turn it upside down, then remove your hand from the cardboard.
  • As the air pressure outside the glass is greater than the water pressure inside the glass, the cardboard will defy gravity.

At Bishop Tyrrell, we believe these informative, productive and fun activities will help plant the seed for your child’s lifelong love of learning.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period. To keep up-to-date with issues impacting the education of children or to stay in touch with the latest Bishop Tyrrell news, sign up for our eNewsletter, News for life, here.