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The questions every parent should ask at parent teacher interviews

141116-the-questions-every-parent-should-ask-at-parent-teacher-interviews_300x200pxParent teacher interviews give you a great opportunity to learn more about your child’s academic, emotional and social development.

You’re also able to meet your child’s teacher/s, which allows you to make plans about how you can work with the School to support your child’s academic journey.

To make sure you gain the most out of your interview time, here are the questions every parent should ask at parent teacher interviews.

  1. What are my child’s strengths? You’ll want to know what subject/s your child is excelling in, but this is also an opportunity to find out about your child’s personal strengths. Do they show leadership? Are they compassionate towards their peers?
  2. What areas (if any) of my child’s learning are you concerned about? Not knowing your child is struggling in a subject is a concern for any parent. Being informed means you are able to make a plan with your child’s teacher to address the issue promptly.
  3. How can my child improve and what support can I, and the School, give my child to assist in this journey? This doesn’t always mean academic support, it can also refer to emotional support. Teachers can suggest the right path to take to make your child’s journey a smooth one.
  4. How much homework should my child be doing every night? This allows parents to set realistic parameters for their children. As we do at school, parents need to create a balance between school work and leisure time.
  5. What can you tell me about my child’s behaviour in your class? It’s always good to get an independent opinion about your child’s behaviour. School life offers a unique environment and behaviour can occasionally be different to what you are seeing at home.
  6. What support services are available for my child at this school? Knowing that you’re not alone is reassuring for parents. You want to make sure you’re doing all you can to help your child succeed, so explore all options the School has to offer.

While Parent Teacher interviews can offer you a comprehensive insight into your child’s school life, it isn’t the only method of gaining information.

At Bishop Tyrrell, Secondary school students regularly complete self-assessments across all their subjects, awarding themselves a mark based on commitment and achievement. Students are also asked questions about their overall concerns and their academic goals.

These self-assessments are completed at the end of each semester and are sent home to parents. We believe that student self-management is a key ingredient in helping our students achieve their best.

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