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Why participation in sport is vital for children

281116-why-participating-in-sport-is-vital-for-children_300x200pxAs a nation, sport is highly valued by Australians. This year's Olympic Games brought people from around the globe together, as we witnessed the highs and lows that only sport can deliver.

As a school community, we rallied in support of our own Maddi Elliott (Year 12) as she competed on the world swimming stage in the Paralympic Games. We proudly celebrated with her as she took the Games by storm, coming home with a bevy of medals including three Gold.

While being a spectator is great fun, participation is even better, especially for children.

Here are some of the reasons why participation in sport is vital for children:

  1. Children gain improved physical fitness, health and self-confidence.
  2. Sport provides opportunities to participate in fun activity where children can experience enjoyment, achievement and personal challenges.
  3. Sport is a great way to meet new friends.
  4. Playing one sport will usually give you the skills you can apply to other sporting codes.
  5. Children have the opportunity to develop social, organisational and leadership skills.
  6. Sport has shown to improve performances in academic studies, and other skilled activities.
  7. Our children learn the valuable lesson of how to handle success and failure.

At Bishop Tyrrell, students are encouraged to pursue sport as it helps to teach them our core values.

Through sport, students learn about humility, faith, honour, courage, discipline and leadership. They learn about the act of sacrificing personal interest for that of the team and that training and hard work leads to personal improvement.

There are also many benefits for the College as a whole:

  1. A healthier population of students.
  2. Create awareness of the capabilities and limitations of the human body.
  3. Social skill gained through interaction and co-operation.
  4. Development of positive personal interests.

Overall, we hope to empower children to be the best that they can be, and that success is can be achieved through hard work and determination. Children should become innovators of sport, not imitators. As they move into their Senior School years they will become an inspiration for the next generation.

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